Melanotan and Melanotan II for Research & Healthcare

Sub-atomic Formula and Molecular Weight:

Melanotan – C78H111N21O19 1646.85 Dalton

Melanotan II – C50H69N15O9 1024.18 Dalton


Begin with a portion of 1mg day by day for the initial a few days and, if dimension of symptoms allow, hope to expand dose by 0.25mg consistently throughout the following a few days until the point when you achieve an everyday dose of 2-3mg buy melanotan 10mg. This dimension ought to be sufficient for most clients, however some may wish to increment yet further, maybe as high as 5mg day by day so as to accomplish a profound tan. An upkeep stage as depicted above is at that point utilized.

Melanotan II:

Begin with a portion of 0.25mg. In the event that symptoms (basically sickness) are not demonstrating troublesome, endeavor to expand day by day dose by 0.25mg where conceivable, until the point that you achieve 1-1.5mg every day. Most have discovered that this dimension will yield an extremely satisfying outcome and I can't see much point in expanding excessively further except if a profound tan was wanted. As with Melanotan, when the ideal dimension of tanning is achieved to  buy melanotan 10mg, a support stage is utilized.


Both MT and MT II are as of now provided as white lyophilised powder contained in a fixed multi-use vial. The peptide is defenseless to temperature corruption and ought to be dispatched ideally with an ice pack however in opposition to prevalent thinking, the rate of debasement is moderate (weeks) in its powder shape, so there's no should be frightened if yours wasn't sent as such or you can't gather your bundle from a stop for multi day or two. Once conveyed, the powder is best put away in a cooler, or refrigerated if this is preposterous.